Welcome to IMule - The Anonymous EMule

*I*Mule is the anonymous filesharing of *E*Mule, the worlds most famous filesharing software next to gnutella and torrent.
Download and Share Files without revealing your IP-Adress or our Identity. Safe and Secure, just Anonymous Filesharing. Based on the Anonymity Network I2P (Invisible Internet Project) Imule is protecting you while Downloading and Sharing Files.

Download from the Webpage: Download Imule now.

IMule is easy to use filesharing software - we have implemented the I2P-Mix-Router into the IMule-Client software... Just install and run - no need to configure a lot.

It is working with every normal ed2k-hash-Link, just visit your Filesharing-Board an click on any Hash-Link and you download the file safe and secure in IMule.


Screenshot of IMule downloading:


Of course you can search for files in IMule as well like MP3, AVI, DVD, RAR, 2007 or any other keyword.

As you are safe and hidden from any IP-Detection insude IMule, share all the files you like (which are not copyrighted, of course - Please respekt the copyright of others!).


Panem et Circenses!

Download Imule

The I2P-Mix-Router:

IMule is based on the I2P Anonymity Network.
Which is a Router or Mixer-Network.

Try to adjust the sliders in the graphical simulation above.

Download Imule

The *I*nvisible *I*nternet *P*roject ("I2P") is routing the Files from Alice to Bob over Peter, Paul and Mary. This means, a Tunnel is created (Alice -> Peter -> Paul -> Mary -> Bob), over which the File is sent.

Read the Instruction-Letter for your Router- or Firewall-Settings

Your IP-Adress is not shown to the requester or owner of the file.

Second, I2P uses no IP-Adresses to let Alice and Bob communicate, but virtual generated IP-Adresses, so called Base-64-Keys. Once an Anonymity Tunnel is created, many applications are routing Traffic over I2P, because it is (thrid) all encrypted, you even do not know, if it is an Email or a Mp3-File.

Learn more about Friend-to-Friend / Fast-to-Fast Transfers to make IMule Transfers faster

Fourth, IMule then uses as well *new*/*other* virtual generated Client-Keys, which stuck (saddle up) to the I2P-Base-64-Keys.

This means it is a perfect Mixer, anonymous Tunnel and all encrypted. Read more about I2P»